Jewellery House of PIERRE

‘’I like talking neither about myself nor my work. The man has to work. And to do it well.

My father was a jeweller and I used to watched him working. Now I do the same in his small workshop. And I have a couple of young trainees.Youth is time for action. Many of my students are working in a large jewellery companies now. I do not mind it. I was young too.

I never look for publicity and recognition. The most important thing for me is the emotions of people who wear my jewellery.

I love working with gold and diamonds. They are unique materials. You can do whatever you want. If treated right, they help you.

A few years ago I was offered to open a workshop in Moscow. I was interested and thrilled at the same time. I know few of Russian immigrants, they were friends with my father. Women were very beautiful. Men were noisy and straight-forward. I love Russian culture: music, ballet, literature and their passion for luxury. I hope Russians didn't change much. I decided to try.

‘‘Simplicity has elegance and perfection’’

I like plain forms. Simplicity has elegance and perfection. It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove. I came up to a artless form - a band. We prepared a dozen of models for production and release the collection. I'm quite satisfied with the result.’’ M.Pierre